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BOMs Gone Missing.

I do have BOMs - Splendid Sampler, Fall Festival quilt, log cabin quilt, Bliss (well, I've made it a BOM), etc.  Have I worked on any?  No. I am working on a new "scraps out of a bag" baby quilt instead. The last time I did this I put together 3 baby quilts from one bag. Not going to happen this time. I am making blocks - simple ones - one at a time.  So this is as far as I've gotten:
I've GOT to change the flannel on my design wall.  I'm finding it distracting.  Next time there's a sale, I'll get some white.  Well, anyway, that's as far as I've gotten.  It will be around 36" square.

The giveaway for the hexagon papers is still on. Go back to the last post and sign up to win. It will end this coming Thursday, midnight.

One last subject - it's peach season!  My mom gave me two bags of luscious, juicy, freestone peaches. One of the desserts I love best is fruit cobbler.  But it's too hot to make it right now.  What to do? Make no bake…

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